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Potty Challenge

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Welcome to potty_challenge
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A Harry Potter Icon Challenge Community, please feel free to become a member and start entering the challenges, but first please take into account the following rules......

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1. When posting icons please include the icon and its URL
2. When voting please choose yor three favourite icons as follows....
putting them in any order.
3. Don't Vote for yourself, these votes will not be counted
4. Don't vote anonymously, these votes will not be counted
5. Only vote once
6. Only use Harry Potter related images etc for icons
7. You may add text, brushes etc (unless told otherwise)
8. You may make animated icons (unless told otherwise)
9. Always respect other people entries
10. Offensive icons/posts may not be shown/allowed.
11. Only 2 entries per member per challenge
12. Non-Members can vote - but remember only once and not anonymously

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1. Icons must be posted by 12AM GMT on Saturday mornings.
2. Challenges will begin on Mondays, along with the announcement of the winners of the previous challenge and the unscreening of the votes cast for the previous challenge.
3. Voting will take place between the time the icons are posted (to vote for) and 4PM on Mondays.
4. Icons can be posted between Monday and Friday.

*Please spread the word about this community to encourage new members to join, you can do this by using the buttons supplyed below*

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